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Best all around professional close-up sleight-of-hand street and comedy stage magician for corporate and private events with 30+ years of experience.
Strolling Street Magician| A Magical Experience|Dallas
Best Close-up Magician|A Magician Experience| Dallas
#1 Corporate and Family Fun Magician|A Magical Experience| Dallas
Best Sleight-of-hand Close-up Magician| A magical experience|Dallas
Family Fun Magician|A Magical Experience|Dallas
If you are looking for a multi-talented entertainer, Marty Westerman is the one to hire. Based out of Dallas, Texas, Marty travels all over the United States and beyond.  Considered one of the best all around magician in the DFW Metroplex, he can tailor his performance to meet any of your event needs.
Family Fun Kid Friendly Magician|A Magical Exerience|Dallas
Kid Friendly Magician|A Magical Experience|Dallas
Family Fun Magical Clown Show|A Magical Experience|Dallas
Kids Birthday Party Magician|A Magical Experience|Dallas
Clown Magic ShowslA Magical Experience|Dallas
Comedy Stage Magic Show|A Magical Experience|Dallas
Magical Characters
​Family Fun, Kid Friendly "Hollywood" the magical Clown", Theme Party Pirate Magician, Western Gambler Card Shark, Traditional French Mime performing
 Close-up sleight-of-hand street or comedy stage magic.
Magical Balloon twisting Clown "Hollywood"|A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
Priate Magician|A Magical Experience|Dallas
Western Gambler Magician| A Magical Experience| Dallas, Texas
Traditional French Magical Mime|A Magical Experience| Dallas, Texas
#1 Best Comedy Close-Up and Stage Magician|A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
Magical Holiday Characters​
Marty can incorporate magic into his character performances Christmas Mime, Elf aka "Tiny the Elf", Scrooge, Dicken Magician 
Magical Christmas French Mime|A Magicial Experience|Dallas
Magical Christmas Elf|A Magical Experience| Dallas
Christmas Magical Scrooge|A Magical Experience| Dallas
Christmas Dicken Magician|A Magical Experience| Dallas
 Magical Look Alikes Impersonators
Charlie Chaplin & Monopoly Man (Rich Uncle Pennybag)
​Marty is able to incorporate magic into his performances as a non-speaking character by using  facial expressions and body language. 
Great entertainment for diverse groups. 
Look A Like Impersonator|"Charlie Chaplin"|A Magical Experience| Dallas
Look Alike Impersonator "Charlie Chaplin"| A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
Look-A Llike Celebrity Impersonator Charlie Chaplin |A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
"Rich Uncle Pennybag" (Monopoly Man)|A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
"Rich Uncle Pennybag" Monopoly Man|A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
 "Rich Uncle Pennybag" Monopoly Man|A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
Balloon Artist​ aka The Balloon Master
As a family entertainer, in addition to his magic, Marty is also a balloon artist and can  provide creations for your guests of all ages. 
Balloon Twisting can be added to any of his performances with the exception of Charlie Chaplin or his Scrooge character.
Best Magical Clown "Hollywood"|A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
Magical Balloon Twisting French Mime|A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
"Rich Uncle Pennybag" (Monopoly Man) Balloon Twisting|A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
Magical Balloon Twisting Clown "Hollywood"| A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
#1 Best Magical Balloon Twister |A Magical Experience|Dallas, Texas
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